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To the Editor:

Re “Biden Beats Trump” (nytimes.com, Nov. 7):

I am writing this with tears of joy streaming down my face. The long national nightmare is over, as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris scored a victory over the Trump-Pence ticket. My family and friends are sharing their elation and joy over the American people’s decision to change the course of this nation, right the ship of state, and return decency and compassion to government.

Of course President Trump is challenging the results, but the people have spoken, and no court will dare attempt to override the will of the people.

As wonderful as it is to be a part of a Biden-Harris win, it appears that the Democrats may not flip the Senate, which will make the new president’s job that much more difficult.

In the days between now and the inauguration, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris will set about establishing their choices for cabinet positions and for the vital institutions of government that Mr. Trump has all but destroyed. I am confident that they will surround themselves with dedicated public servants, some of whom I hope will be Republicans.

Hope springs eternal that 2021 and beyond will restore America to its rightful place as that shining city on the hill.

Henry A. Lowenstein
Newport, R.I.

To the Editor:

When you consider the extremes to which President Trump went to avoid his defeat, it’s borderline miraculous that Joe Biden was able to prevail. From voter suppression to the Postal Service delivery scandal, voters had to be vigilant, dedicated and aggressive in executing our most precious of privileges.

Joe Biden was elected by a coalition of Democrats, Republicans and independents that we rarely see, and it took that massive partnership to evict Mr. Trump from the White House on Jan. 20.

We as a country are so much better than what the world has seen the last four years, and in this election, we proved it.

Jay Margolis
Delray Beach, Fla.

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