Opinion | She’s Taking Jeff Bezos to Task

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Big Brother is watching. And he’s biased.

M.I.T. computer scientist and digital activist Joy Buolamwini proved that the facial recognition technologies that are becoming ubiquitous often fail when it comes to women and people of color. She’s taken on big tech players that profit off facial recognition technologies, like Amazon, IBM and Microsoft. And she’s also concerned about government, particularly given the increased use of these technologies by the police.

“If you have a face, you have a place in this conversation,” says Buolamwini, who also founded the Algorithmic Justice League, a collective of computer geeks dedicated to fighting coded bias.

Today on “Sway,” Buolamwini and Kara Swisher discuss taking Big Tech down a notch, why the mysterious company Clearview AI should concern anyone on social media, and how far the U.S. is from a China-style surveillance state.

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