Opinion | The Anti-Vaccination Messages From Fox News

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To the Editor:

Re “Anti-Vaccination Rhetoric Creeps From Fringe to Fox Prime Time” (front page, July 12):

In exchange for a license to operate a broadcast station using the public airwaves, television stations are required to operate in the public interest. Can it possibly be in the public interest to permit Tucker Carlson to encourage his listeners not to be vaccinated?

Shouldn’t we be having a discussion about whether the public airwaves should be used to inhibit the general welfare of our nation? Shouldn’t we be questioning the F.C.C.’s willingness to renew Fox’s broadcast license?

The privilege of broadcasting on the limited public airwaves should not be abused to foment harmful fictional conspiracy theories and bogus science.

Leonard I. Horowitz
Westport, Conn.

To the Editor:

The C.D.C. has made it clear that those dying of Covid now are almost all not immunized. Yet Fox News continues to preach an anti-vax message, as if fighting a pandemic somehow is a political act. Would they want a return of polio or smallpox?

At the same time, Rupert Murdoch, Fox’s founder, has been immunized, Donald Trump and his family were immunized, and I bet the bloviators of Fox News have all been vaccinated. Isn’t Fox News being hypocritical?

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