SRX launches feature on app to help users join community groups near them

SINGAPORE – Those looking to be part of community groups near them can get to know their neighbours better using the SRX Community feature available on the property platform’s app.

Users will be automatically added to the community groups with others in the planning area, subzones or even the specific Housing Board or private apartment block they live in.

“Now neighbours can instantly connect digitally within the SRX Community and if they wish, develop closer ties offline as well,” said SRX chief executive Jason Barakat-Brown in a statement on Monday (Sept 21).

The SRX Community feature works by building on the mySG Home service, which is also available on the SRX app. The service enables users to keep track of the sale and rental value of their home.

Those using the mySG Home service on the SRX app will be given automatic access to community groups based on the properties they are tracking, which can also include their place of residence.

The SRX app displays the number of members in each community group but personal details are not shared by SRX in the community in order to protect members’ privacy.

The mySG Home service, which can also notify users of nearby property transactions and helps them apply for loans and insurance coverage, is also available on SRX’s website.

However, SRX Community is available only on the SRX app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

SRX is run by Streetsine Technology Group, which is a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings, the publisher of The Straits Times.

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