Covid 19 Omicron: School to reinforce need for children to attend by liaising with hesitant parents

A primary school has hired someone to talk with parents who are hesitant about sending their children back to school due to Covid-19.

Many schools start the year tomorrow.

In Auckland, Glen Innes School principal Jono Hendricks said they have good ventilation and a system to separate the junior and senior school.

He said one of the teacher aides will be a parent liaison.

“Working alongside her we should be able to touch base with those families who are still hesitant, talking through the concerns, let them know that we’ve got procedures in place to make sure that our day-to-day things can happen, that the kids actually need the interaction with other children as well.”

Hendricks said the students were generally good at remembering to wear masks at the end of last year but they will need some help.

“Kids are kids, constant reminders, encouragement, things like that – they were pretty good last year, we always had a supply on hand for those who had dropped it, lost it or whatever – so we’ll do the same this year.”

Students in Years 4 and above will have to wear masks while indoors.

The Ministry of Health says for Years 3 and younger mask-wearing is encouraged but not required.

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