Denver Public Schools declared snow day Monday, March 15

School is canceled Monday for all Denver Public Schools because of the winter storm blowing through the city today, which is expected to continue at least into Sunday night, a spokesman confirmed.

The overall conditions — snowfall, wind and more — led to the cancellation, said DPS spokesman Michael Vaughan. Virtual classes will not be held either, he confirmed, school is entirely canceled and the district’s offices will be closed for the day.

Whether a similar call is made for Tuesday remains to be seen, Vaughan said, noting “we’ll see how things go.”

An internal email to DPS staff, provided to The Denver Post by Vaughan, noted that if officials call another snow day Tuesday the district “will transition to remote learning and work.”

As of 8:28 a.m. about 8.1 inches of snowfall had been reported in Denver and as of 6:21 a.m. about 11.1 inches had been reported at Denver International Airport.

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