Boris Johnson handed Brexit trade deal warning – do not sign us back up

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The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier arrived in London on Thursday for last minute negotiations. This came after Mr Johnson lifted the block on talks after the October deadline came and went.

There are only two weeks left before it would be impossible to get a deal in place by the end of the transition period in December.

But now, Wokingham MP John Redwood has issued a warning to the Prime Minister not to sign Britain back up to the European Union.

He tweeted: “We voted to leave the single market and customs union.

“The government must not negotiate us back into these damaging arrangements.”

Earlier this month, Mr Redwood urged the Prime Minister to walk away from crucial last minute negotiations.

The Tory MP claimed the EU had not been negotiating in “good faith”.

He tweeted: “The EU have not negotiated in good faith.

“Time to end the talks as promised.”

Others also urged Mr Johnson to step away from negotiations including former MEP Martin Daubney.

Mr Daubney tweeted: “Macron, the trumped-up Napoleon, states ‘on no account will out fisherman be scarified for Brexit.

“Well, that’s that, then. It’s time to walk away from these ludicrous talks and take back control of our fishing waters.

“Anything else will be a sell-out.”

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Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice also previously called for talks to be left behind.

He said: “Boris did say that if a deal wasn’t agreed by mid-October, then that was it, end of negotiations.

“And he should stick to that. And he should make it very clear we are where we are and that’s it, and everybody can plan.

“If we haven’t got a deal, we mean it, we’re stopping negotiations. If you want to resolve something in the next 24 hours, otherwise we’re done, folks, we’re out of here.

“Bags packed, files closed, and we’ll go to the arrangement that Australia has with the EU, which is based on WTO rules.”

As both sides meet for crucial talks this weekend, they have informally agreed to stand down their media operations during the weekend talks signalling the talks are being taken seriously.

A formal “tunnel” could be declared as early as next week, if the negotiations are deemed to be successful.

It is believed during the “tunnel” phase a handful of negotiators will be work in secrecy to hammer out a deal.

An EU official said: “They’re negotiating intensively over the weekend.

“Let’s see after that.”

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