Boris Johnson told to stick to Brexit walkout threat if no EU trade deal reached this week

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Boris Johnson in the summer signalled the UK will be ready to end talks with the European Union should there be no agreement on a deal by the middle of October. With Brexit talks still ongoing and the two parties still struggling through a deep divide because of key issues like fisheries, chances of a no deal scenario remain very high. Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice told talkRADIO the Prime Minister must “stick” to his pledge to walk away should there be no agreement with Brussels by the end of the week.

Mr Tice said: “Boris did say that if a deal wasn’t agreed by mid-october, then that was it, end of negotiations.

“And he should stick to that. And he should make it very clear we are where we are and that’s it, and everybody can plan.

“If we haven’t got a deal, we mean it, we’re stopping negotiations. If you want to resolve something in the next 24 hours, otherwise we’re done, folks, we’re out of here.

“Bags packed, files closed, and we’ll go to the arrangement that Australia has with the EU, which is based on WTO rules.”

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Mr Tice said the majority of UK businesses relying on exports to the EU had four years to prepare for the eventuality of a no deal Brexit as he insisted the UK has more pressing issues to focus on.

He continued: “Businesses have had plenty of time to prepare for this, plenty of time.

“They’ve actually had four years and the vast majority of those business that export – and let’s remember that is only a very small percentage of business, somewhere between 10 percent of businesses export to the EU.

“Yes, there is an impact, I think many have already gotten ready for it.”

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Mr Tice added: “Bluntly, there are so many more massive issues facing our country at the moment that it really does make these Brexit negotiations a relative pimple on the nose.”

The warning came shortly before Germany issued its own warning about time running out to strike a deal on the future relationship between Brussels and London.

Michael Roth, Germany’s minister for Europe, said both sides now face a “worst-case scenario” of no deal if no “substantial progress” is not made in the next few days.


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Mr Roth said: “Frankly speaking, we are at a critical stage of the negotiations.

“We are extremely under pressure, time is running out, that’s we expect substantial progress by our friends in the UK in key areas, in particular governance, the level playing field and fisheries.

“We are well prepared for both scenarios, everybody should know that. No deal is the worst case scenario, not just for the European Union but also for the UK, but we are prepared for that.

“We are working very hard on a good deal, on a sustainable deal, which is acceptable for both sides.”

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