Boris to launch charm offensive on Scotland undecided voters to keep union together

IndyRef2 ‘shouldn’t be priority’ says Andrew Bowie

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Former Better Together Campaign CEO, Blair McDougall has insisted the path to victory for the unionist side in a second vote on Scottish independence would be through winning over wavering moderate voters from Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP. He said there were “about a million” voters in Scotland who have yet to make up their mind on IndyRed2 and said rather than “arguing” over their heads, the future pro-Union campaign must adopt a “laser focus” on attracting “pragmatic” voters to the No cause.

Mr McDougall told Times Radio: “In Scotland, you have those two very noisy tribes either side of the spectrum kind of shelling each other.

“And they are doing that over the heads of about a million undecided voters for whom this isn’t really the passionate issue that it is for the people on the extremes.

“I think the thing we got right in 2014 and would have to be something someone will have to do were there a second referendum.

“Is to keep that laser focus on those undeciding voters for whom this isn’t really about flags and identity.”

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“It is about a pragmatic choice about whether they will be better off or worse off from exiting the United Kingdom.

“So I think that strategic focus was a thing we got right.

“I think we had a good understanding of what the voters really cared about,” added the Scottish Unionist.

His comments came as Nigel Farage claimed the Remainer-led Scottish Tory party had been hamstrung when debating the SNP on Scottish independence.

Sturgeon wants to ‘go back to square one’ says expert

Outlining the platform Reform UK would stand on in May’s elections, he said: “We want to more directly challenge Nicola Sturgeon on the use of the word ‘independence’.

“It’s not independence. She wants to be part of the European Union.

“But how can a Remainer Tory party in Scotland make that argument when they don’t really believe in it?”

The SNP has vowed to take Scotland back into the EU if the country leaves the UK.

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The SNP has vowed to take Scotland back into the EU if the country leaves the UK.

Ms Sturgeon hopes to hold a new vote on independence by the end of the year if she wins a majority at the Holyrood elections.

Permission to hold a referendum must be granted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but Ms Sturgeon said she would hold a vote regardless of whether it has consent from Westminster.

The SNP are currently on track to win a majority of 13 in May, according to a Savanta ComRes poll of 1,002 adults interviewed between February 4 and 9.

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