Brexit Britain boom: Boris Johnson’s secret plan to make UK globally attractive exposed

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Director of UK in a Changing Europe, Anand Menon, noted Boris Johnson must find a way to make investing in Brexit Britain ideal for foreign investors. During an interview with, Mr Menon claimed Boris Johnson could offer training and education schemes to satisfy demands for a skilled workforce by companies. He also said coronavirus will prove a difficult hurdle to overcome and will play a significant role in the country’s prosperity.

He added the UK will have to appease companies who may grow frustrated by differences in the UK’s new relationship with the EU.

Mr Menon said: “The Government needs to make Brexit Britain an attractive place for firms to invest.

“This is so we don’t lose foreign direct investment and to try and make this a more appealing country in which companies can manufacture.”

Mr Menon revealed what the Government could do going forward to entice companies and countries to invest.

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He said: “It might be that the Government might need to start talking to firms about how we make up for the difficulties in trading with the European Union.

“Essentially, letting them know how their firms can be helped.

“They could do this by maybe increasing trade training, education and skills so we bring through the next generation of engineers who could be the manufacturers of the future.

“There are all kinds of ways in which the Government can make a difference.

“The problem is that the largest economy that is near us will be harder to trade with than it was before.”

Mr Menon argued that coronavirus impacts may play a more significant impact on Britain’s prosperity than Brexit.

Mr Menon said: “The prosperity of Britain hinges on Covid-19, to be honest, it hinges on how well we recover.

“I think over the next couple of years the focus is going to be on bouncing back from the hit that Covid-19 has administered to the economy.

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“We will be dealing with, as I said before, with unemployment and that is going to be the focus of many people’s attention.”

Despite the end of the transition period being just over a month away, there is still no clear sign the EU and UK will come to a resolution on the future relationship.

Both sides have remained deadlocked over key issues that both sides have argued are integral and not negotiable.

However, Mr Menon claimed that eventually, both sides will have to come to some form of compromise. 

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