Brexit fishing row: Lord Frost ‘will not give ground’ to Michel Barnier in crunch EU talks

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Environment Secretary George Eustice claimed progress was being made between the UK and EU in Brexit fishing talks thanks to the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator Lord Frost. While on Sky News with Niall Paterson, Mr Eustice claimed it was a feature of international law that the UK would regain control over its fishing waters. At this stage, the arrangement between the UK and EU will focus on how much access Britain allows the bloc to have.

Mr Paterson said: “In terms of the deal being struck between the UK and EU, where exactly are we?

“How much are we now, given words we heard from the Government over the weekend, willing to concede on the matter of fishing?”

Mr Eustice insisted progress was being made and outlined what issues the UK was determined not to move on.

He said: “The negotiations have been going on for many months and they resume again this week.

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“I understand there are still differences and some obstacles to overcome.

“But I think there is goodwill on both sides to progress things, there is a lot of work going into that.

“Lord David Frost and the negotiating team for the UK are working very hard to try and get an agreement.”

Mr Eustice went into greater detail of the kind of relationship the UK was prepared to have with the EU regarding fishing.

He continued: “On fisheries, we have always been open to doing a sensible approach.

“We have been looking potentially at agreements that may span a couple, three years, for instance.

“We are going to be sensible on how we approach this and we are making sure we have control over our own waters again and control access as it has always been a red line in the negotiations.”

The Sky News host admitted it did not feel as if the UK was firmly taking back control of all of its waters in these talks.

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Mr Eustice replied: “We are not giving ground on the red line of our waters our fish.

“When you leave the European Union you do become an independent coastal state.

“You control access in your exclusive economic zone.

“That is what Norway and every other country in the world has, it is simply a feature of international law.”

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