Brexit fury: Hated EU deal costing Britain £100,000 an HOUR – Boris given warning

Boris Johnson has ‘abandoned Brexit’ says Gerald Howarth

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Jayne Adye also said the Prime Minister must teach Brussels a lesson by triggering Article 16 and hence suspending the Northern Ireland Protocol, which she said had resulted in a border down the Irish Sea – and which she claimed was costing Northern Ireland’s economy £100,000 an hour. Ms Adye, director of pro-Brexit campaign group Get Britain Out, outlined her concerns in a letter to Mr Johnson, cc’d to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis.

Referring to former Northern Ireland First Minister Edwin Boots, she said: “As it stands, your Government has failed to stand by the Agriculture Minister of the DUP in the suspension of needless and insulting checks on goods crossing the Irish Sea.

“You yourself, Prime Minister, have said this week: “It’s crazy to have checks on goods that are basically circulating within the single market of the UK”, so why is it you are allowing these checks to take place?”

“While ‘Partygate’ may be taking the attention of the media, I again urge you to look beyond the ‘Westminster Bubble Blob’ and take action on the issues which affect the everyday lives of people in this country.

“This simply cannot continue, and it is imperative you stand up and fight for the Union of the United Kingdom which you are supposed to defend and protect.”

Ms Adye told “All the EU is ever concerned about is their own Single Market, and will dig their heels in until they reach the middle of the earth if we allow them to.

“It is time the PM forced the EU’s hand and made the integrity of the United Kingdom the priority.

“After all, the Good Friday Agreement – which the European Union claims to respect – also guarantees the place of Northern Ireland inside the United Kingdom.”

Referring to the bloc’s ongoing threat of legal action, Ms Adye added: “Attempts to block the suspension of talks in court by so-far unnamed individuals is frankly a cowardly act, set on trying to maintain EU control over Northern Ireland, with no regard for the impact these checks are having on the Northern Irish economy, which is losing £2.5 million a day and over £100,000 an hour.”

“If the EU does not want to respect the sovereignty of the UK – and the integrity of our Internal Market – by moving forward with common sense policies which make use of new technologies, then the UK Government must take matters into our own hands and formally refuse to implement the border in the Irish Sea.

“No international agreement should take precedence over maintaining the sovereignty of the United Kingdom.”

For much too long issues of the Northern Ireland Protocol – and checks being implemented in the Irish Sea had been “kicked down the road”, she claimed, with multiple deadlines missed by UK representatives.

Ms Adye said: “If we are to have any success in finalising negotiations with the EU, then it is imperative Liz Truss seizes control of the negotiating agenda.”

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Northern Ireland was plunged into chaos on Friday when Paul Givan surprisingly quit as First Minister, citing concerns over the Protocol.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said of the situation: “It is something that we are monitoring very carefully, and obviously the Prime Minister is speaking to (Northern Ireland Secretary) Brandon Lewis about.

“Our immediate priority is to restore political stability in Northern Ireland at the earliest possible moment.

Speaking to GB News on Friday, DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said: “When I was elected leader of the DUP, I made clear that it was a priority for me to restore Northern Ireland’s place within the UK internal market.

“And back in September I warned the Government that unless they were prepared to honour commitments they had made in the agreement to re-establish power sharing in Northern Ireland then I would act.

“It was not sustainable for unionist ministers to remain within a Government where they were being required to implement measures imposed by the EU without the people of Northern Ireland having any say and which were separating us from the rest of our own country.”

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