Brexit LIVE: UK sends EU dire ultimatum – before rivals share ‘poignant moment’ in London

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Britain warned the Brussels bloc it was not prepared to “give up our rights” on sovereignty, laws and fishing after Mr Frost and Mr Barnier shared a poignant moment. Mr Barnier tweeted that he and Mr Frost paused together in front of a war memorial following dinner on Monday in Westminster.

He said: “At the occasion of the working dinner with my counterpart David Frost at Carlton Gardens, a brief moment remembering our shared European history.”

There continue to be a number of key sticking points in the way of agreeing a post-Brexit deal before the transition period ends in January.

The points of dispute – the “level playing field” of measures designed to ensure fair competition between the UK and EU, fisheries and the governance of any deal – will be on the agenda in Tuesday’s sessions.

Ahead of the talks, Downing Street acknowledged significant differences remained between the two sides and reminded the EU it is “not asking for a special, bespoke or unique deal”.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: ”In terms of the discussions that we have been having throughout the intensified process, they have continued to be constructive but significant differences still remain on a number of important issues.

“Our position on our sovereignty, laws and fisheries is clear – we will not give up our rights as an independent state.

“We will continue to engage constructively with the EU on these key issues and will work hard to reach the broad outline of an agreement.

“But as we have been clear all along, we are not asking for a special, bespoke or unique deal.”


7.50am update: EU fishermen demand SAME access to UK waters in Brexit deal as system ‘working well’

Brexit trade talks with the EU will resume on Tuesday, but a breakthrough is not expected as the bloc is still adamant European fishermen must have the same access to UK waters – something British negotiators are keen to avoid.

Gerard van Balsfoort, Chairman of the European Fisheries Alliance, has told Michel Barnier to insist fishing rights remain the same after the conclusion of the Brexit transition period this year.

The EU’s chief negotiator was told losing access to the waters could be disastrous for many EU states. 

Mr van Balsfoort told the Telegraph: “Loss of access to fishing grounds, to markets for fish or the return of overfishing will ultimately harm all of us.

“Michel Barnier knows this.”

7.39am update: Brexit deal is possible but ambitious – Germany 

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Tuesday: “The aim of reaching an agreement between Britain and the European Union on future ties between the two by October is ambitious but achievable.

“An agreement on the basis of the Political Declaration is sporty but still possible.” 

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