Brexit news: EU worker exodus claims easily dismantled by economist just non-existent!

Brexit: EU staff 'exodus' is 'non-existent' says expert

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The Fellow at the Centre for Brexit Policy was asked to respond to a series of European news articles pinning the shortage of workers in Britain on Brexit. Ms McBride was able to slap down the claims over Brexit using the latest Office for National Statistic figures which pointed out that the number of EU residents in the UK and in fact risen since 2016, with some six million EU workers having for settled status since Brexit.

TRT Roundtable host David Foster a range of European coverage blaming the UK staff shortage on Brexit and asked the panel if they agreed with any of the claims.

Mr Foster explained: “I’m going to read out once again some quotes from European newspapers about how they say it is Brexit’s fault and then I’m going to ask if you think in any way, they’re right.

“Netherlands newspaper De Volkskrant ‘madness of stepping up the single market with his free movement of goods and people,’ France Liberacion, ‘hundreds of 1000s of drivers farmhands waiters plumbers, and even doctors working in Britain on EU passports have left with no intention of serving.’ El Pais, in Spain ‘the Johnson government is reluctant to admit that its main political achievement Brexit may cause irreparable damage at least in the medium term to the country’s economy.’

“So there we have no intention of returning, irreparable damage, and madness. Catherine, you first, are any of these statements correct when it comes to current describing the situation we’re talking about today?”

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Ms McBride replied: “No, the again, the Office of National Statistics I feel sorry for them, they spend their lives counting things and no one reads it, you can look this up on the internet, it’s a very official document over 6 million EU nationals applied for settled status in the UK, and the cutoff was June, and our government only thought three and a half million were living here.

“So we’ve suddenly got a whole lot more EU nationals were actually living here so this exodus of EU staff is just nonexistent.

Asked how many of those six and a half million EU National has been given permission to remain, she said: “I think most of them have, there was 5 million by May.”

She added: “It was quite simple, some of them have got what they call pre-settled status, but very very few have been rejected. So there’s not a shortage of workers.”

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Ms McBride was also invited to discuss coverage of the UK’s supply chain crisis in Germany.

She argued that the “Germans are just dreaming” as the expert lashed out at the criticisms of Brexit

Ms McBride told the TRT Roundtable host that the German coverage was “Completely unfair and very lazy.”

“Because we have a thing called the Office of National Statistics and they calculate that we’re only about 7% of our HGV drivers came from the EU, before we voted to leave the EU.


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“Now that’s up to about 20% or 12%.

“But the biggest loss to the drivers market came from UK drivers, we lost four times as many UK drivers during the pandemic than EU drivers.”

She added: “So, the Germans are just dreaming. What they should be worried about is that we, in a lot more goods from the EU, and we export.

“We rely on a lot of service exports and services don’t need containers, and certainly container ships, and they don’t need HGV drivers, so in fact the people who really should be worried are the Germans, I was in Germany when we were having our petrol pandemic, and they were having an HGV driver shortage, and it was on every news channel in Germany.”

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