Britons furious over SNP plot to exclude Scots abroad from Indy vote – ‘Fixing the odds!’

Indyref2: Sturgeon 'doesn't want vote now' claims expert

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While speaking on the Jeremy Vine Show, journalist Olivia Utley said that there needed to be a much broader range of voters for any kind of second independence referendum. She added that 800,000 Scottish nationals living in other parts of the UK would not be allowed to vote.

During the 2014 referendum – in which Scotland voted to remain part of the UK – those 800,000 Scots living elsewhere did not get a vote.

Ms Utley claimed not allowing them a vote could cause disruption and confusion if Scotland did opt for independence.

Speaking on the show, Ms Utley asked: “What happens the day after an independence referendum and Scotland goes yes?

“You have got these 800,000 people who don’t have an identity.

“Is an identity that they didn’t want going to be thrust upon them, that seems incredibly unfair.”

Responding to an story about how some Scottish nationals could miss out on voting, Britons lashed out.

One reader said: “If Sturgeon wants a referendum it should be for all Scottish nationals only and wherever they are.

“She is nothing but a dictator hell-bent on making up her own rules to swing the votes her way.

“Scots abroad should get a petition going they must have a vote.”

A second lashed out and said: “Being a Scot living in England I am disgusted by not being able to vote in any IndyRef, especially when sixteen-year-olds, EU nationals living in Scotland, and foreign uni students are able to vote.

“Nicola is stacking the deck and she didn’t get a mandate to hold her referendum, more people voted for remain parties than for leave parties. Stop lying Nicola.”

A third reader said: “Talk about fixing the odds.”

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Another person added: “Sturgeon knows that most ex-pat Scots would vote to remain in the UK.

“She would allow 16 & 17-year-olds, foreign nationals, and prisoners the right to vote, though, because they would no doubt back her mad plans.”

A fifth reader said: “She was afraid to let Scots living and working in other parts of the UK have a vote.

“The vote to remain would have been so much higher.”

Another person claimed the SNP is a “dangerous cult” and Scotland would become a “third world country” if it wins independence.

Others simply claimed excluding the 800,000 Scottish nationals was because Ms Sturgeon knows she will lose again.

One said: “And what about Scots serving in the British Army?

“Are they going to be denied their right to vote as well?”

Despite the SNP being one seat short of an overall majority after the Scottish parliament elections, the final results still leave Holyrood with a pro-independence majority.

With the Greens there is a pro-independence majority within Holyrood.

Although calling for a second vote on independence, Ms Sturgeon has said her focus is steering Scotland through the coronavirus crisis.

In a call with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Ms Sturgeon said another referendum on Scotland breaking away from the UK was now inevitable.

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