Britons will demand ‘MORE’ freedom from EU after experiencing Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

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John Longworth, who chaired Leave Means Leave – a campaign to ensure a proper Brexit was carried out, has said Britons will soon want even more independence from the EU. He said once the flaws of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Treaty are fully understood, despite Boris Johnson’s attempts to break free from the agreements ironed out in its political declaration, people will seek to further break away from the bloc.

Mr Longworth, who was elected as an MEP in 2019, said: “Whatever the outcome of this saga over the next few months, as with so many events in our history, those with vested interests will no doubt secure a slice of the new cake.

“But I am equally sure the consequences of the eventual deal will reveal themselves and this will drive a desire for ever more independence, come what may.

“Once a free people get a taste of deciding things for themselves, they tend to like it and want more.”

The businessman made the comments after highlighting the many flaws of Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement (WA), which Mr Johnson tweaked when he took over as Prime Minister in July 2019.

He pointed out the WA, which the UK is bound to by law, will allow the EU to retain some control over UK laws.

Mr Longworth said: “There is also no doubt that through the bitter pill of the Withdrawal Treaty, that the government signed up to, the EU can attempt to control our economic policy; support for industry and regions, tax policy, public procurement and credit, via a circuitous route of Northern Ireland (NI) and State Aid rules.

“Citizens rights are distorted.”

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The Brexiteer also discusses the current deadlock in trade talks with the EU, where the two sides are failing to agree on three main demands.

Mr Longworth describes these as “unreasonable honeyed traps”, which UK negotiators must resist.

However, the former MEP is concerned Britain is too invested in securing a deal with the bloc.

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He said: “But there also seems to be an underlying desire to have a deal rather than a determination to go it alone.

“It would be perverse if we were to agree to a deal in respect of German manufactures and French agriculture but not British services, after all, this is a new trade arrangement and not a continuation of the asymmetric relationship characterised by our membership of the EU.”

But, Mr Longworth did take solace in the fact it is highly unlikely the UK will ever rejoin the bloc, despite lasting pro-EU sentiment among some politicians.

Writing in a column for the Daily Telegraph, he said: “Rejoining is highly unlikely, as it would require the agony of a reversal of leaving, membership of the eurozone and the considerable costs of membership, not to mention being part of an increasingly federalised crypto-superstate.

“I would posit all this never to ever be appealing to the British people.

“I know many former Remainers who, having seen the behaviour of the EU, would now not countenance anything other than leaving.”

The next round of trade talks with the EU will kick off in Brussels on August 17.

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