Colorado governor against corporate bailouts “because I’m not a socialist like Donald Trump”

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis took a dig at the president in an MSNBC interview this week, saying he doesn’t support corporate bailouts because “I’m not a socialist like Donald Trump.”

The Republican president had said he would support the federal government taking an equity stake in companies that receive federal government aid due to economic impacts from the novel coronavirus, national media reported. MSNBC show host Chuck Todd asked Polis, a Democrat, his thoughts on that.

“I think the government should not … own the means to production,” Polis said. “I’m not a socialist like Donald Trump, so I think that’s a very dangerous way to go, and I think that rather than these corporate bailouts, we should talk about helping people.”

Polis said he supports proposals such as sending everyone $2,000, temporarily increasing food stamp benefits and giving emergency loans to small businesses.

“I think those are the kinds of measures rather than trying to use this as an excuse to implement socialist measures across corporate America,” he said.



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