Conservative Party conference LIVE: Frost fumes at EU as hated Brexit deal harmful to UK

Fuel crisis: French TV panel discuss UK problems post-Brexit

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Speaking at the annual Conservative Party conference today, Lord Frost will say that some parts of the Brexit deal are simply too damaging to retain. “He will warn that ‘tinkering at the edges’ will not fix the fundamental problems with the Protocol,” a statement said. The EU has so far refused to negotiate the terms of the much-hated Northern Ireland Protocol, which governs trade between Britain and its province, which borders EU member Ireland – a move the government has been urging for months.

The Northern Ireland Protocol has created a de facto customs border between Britain and Northern Ireland to safeguard the free flow of trade between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Britain could now trigger Article 16 of the agreement, which allows either side to unilaterally seek to dispense selected terms if they are proving unexpectedly harmful.

According to excerpts from his speech, Lord Frost will say that the threshold for the use of Article 16 Safeguards has been met.

London put forward a “command paper” with fundamental changes to the protocol in July which Brussels is due to reply to.


No more tax raises! say Sunak and Johnson

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said on Monday he and Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not want to raise taxes again after a recent increase in National Insurance tax to help fund the health service and social care.

Mr Sunak said: “We made the difficult decision that we did and I think the prime minister deserves enormous credit for grappling with this long running issue of social care reform, but it’s not something we did lightly, it’s not something we want to do, and ideally we wouldn’t have to do anything like that, again.”

He is due to deliver a speech to the ruling Conservative Party’s annual conference later on Monday.

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