Coronavirus: Huge publicity blitz urges Britons to stay at home during Easter weekend

A huge publicity blitz is urging the public to stay at home, not visit friends or family and observe the coronavirus lockdown rules over the Easter weekend.

Four NHS advertisements will appear on social media, newspapers and magazines in a bid to persuade people to carry on observing the lockdown rules introduced by Boris Johnson nearly three weeks ago.

In what has been described as a make-or-break weekend in the war against COVID-19, the government says its campaign has been developed to meet the additional pressures of the long Easter weekend, when many people typically spend time with family or friends.

The new campaign is aimed at reinforcing the importance of staying at home over Easter, and only leaving the house to buy essentials, do one form of exercise a day, to travel into work – but only if it is not possible to work from home – and for any medical or social care need.

“If you need to leave your home for these reasons, you should be minimising time spent outside of the house and ensuring you are two metres away from anyone outside of your household,” the publicity says.

“You should not be visiting friends or family during the long weekend.”

The first advertisement, showing a mother and daughter eating chocolate Easter eggs, declares: “Happy, safe Easter. Stay home this weekend.”

The second, showing a father playing with building bricks with his daughter, says: “Happy Easter. Make the most of your weekend at home.”

The third, showing a basket full of coloured eggs, says simply: “Stay home this weekend.”

And the fourth, showing two chocolate Easter eggs in foil wrapping, says: “Stay home. Save lives.”

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