COVID-19: Boris Johnson tells Tory MPs tiered restrictions ‘have sunset of 3 February’

Boris Johnson has said the new coronavirus tiers “have a sunset of 3 February” as tries to fight off a backlash from Tory MPs.

In a letter to colleagues ahead of a Commons vote on the restrictions on Tuesday, the prime minister insisted the tiered measures for local areas will be reviewed every fortnight.

“Regulations have a sunset of 3 February,” he writes.

“After the fourth fortnightly review (27 January), parliament will have another vote on the tiered approach, determining whether the measures stay in place until the end of March.”

According to a tally by Sky News, a total of 57 Tories have voiced their unhappiness over tiering or have said they are unlikely to support the measures when it comes to the vote.

Some 99% of England’s population will fall under the two toughest tiers when the second national lockdown ends on 2 December.

About 32 million people – covering 57.3% of England – will fall into Tier 2. But 23.3 million people – 41.5% of the population – are going to be placed in Tier 3.

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