Democrats have early lead in three races for seats on the Colorado State Board of Education

Democrats looked poised to hold on to the majority of seats on the Colorado State Board of Education as early election results Tuesday night showed Republicans trailing in races for seats they’d need to flip.

The races are tight with Democrats slightly ahead in three of the four races as of 8:05 p.m. If the results hold, Democrats would gain two more seats on the board.

Both incumbents on the board — Steve Durham, a Republican and Rebecca McClellan, a Democrat — were also ahead in early results. They were both elected to the board in 2016.

Two other seats also were being filled in Tuesday’s election as the state board is growing from seven members to nine, Chalkbeat Colorado reported.

The current board is comprised of four Democrats and three Republicans. The board has spent the past couple of months debating what K-12 students should learn in history and civics classes and could vote on revisions to the state’s social studies standards during their meeting later this week.

Below are the latest unofficial results from races:

McClellan had received 97,676 votes or 58.54% of the total, for the District 6 seat on the board. Republican Molly Lamar had 69,173 votes or 41.46% of the total.

Durham had received 103,955 votes or 57.54% of the total for the District 5 seat on the board. Democrat Joseph Shelton had garnered 76,721 votes or 42.46% of the total.

There were four candidates — Democrat Kathy Plomer, Republican Dan Maloit, Libertarian Ryan Van Gundy and Unity Party of Colorado’s Eric Bodenstab — running for the at-large seat on the board.

In the lead was Plomer, with 739,867 votes or 53.38% of the total. Maloit followed with 602,274 votes or 43.45% of the total.

Three candidates — Republican Peggy Propst, Democrat Rhonda Solis and the American Constitution Party’s James K. Treibert — were running for the District 8 seat on the board.

The race for the District 8 seat was especially tight. Solis had a slight lead, garnering 74,650 votes, or 50.61% of the total. Probst had 69,803 votes or 47.32% of the total.

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