Denver to create camping locations for people experiencing homelessness

Denver will soon launch several designated campsites for people experiencing homelessness, a representative of the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado confirmed Wednesday, signaling a substantial change of approach for Mayor Michael Hancock’s administration.

The Interfaith Alliance and the Colorado Village Collaborative will head the project with the city’s support, Kathleen Van Voorhis said. The goal is to prevent or slow the spread of COVID-19 as the global pandemic continues.

“These are extraordinary times that call for extraordinary measures. By supporting the Colorado Village Collaborative’s proposal to establish temporary, managed campsites, I’m hopeful we can provide a new pathway that leads to more stable housing options for people experiencing homelessness,” Hancock said in a release.


Details about the number and size of the campsites were not immediately available, but Van Voorhis said occupants will have access to bathrooms, security, and mental health and addiction services.

As the nation braces for a surge in homelessness, the designated campsites offer a safe and relatively stable options for people seeking help and permanent housing, Van Voorhis said. But more work is needed.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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