Emily Maitlis loses it over Suella Bravernmans return to Cabinet

Emily Maitlis loses it over Suella Bravernman's return

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Emily Maitlis the new Prime Minister’s decision to bring Suella Braverman back had sparked a backlash among some MPs and compared the situation to an episode on the television programme ‘In The Thick Of It.’ Ms Braverman was forced to step down after it emerged she had shared Government plans with a third-party using her personal email. The British journalist discussed the reinstatement and questioned Nadhim Zahawi for insisting everyone deserves “a second chance” when asked about Ms Braverman’s return.

Ms Maitlis told The News Agents: “I think politically it’s become supercharged.

“Because it’s going to be what every minister, and what every cabinet secretary, every MP is going to be asked about on the airwaves now.

“I don’t know if some of you will remember, In The Thick Of It, the Armando Iannucci series.

“When a minister makes a mistake and he’s told to resign, ‘hand in your resignation… You’ll be back within a year’.”

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Ms Maitlis added: “And now we’ve got Nadhim Zahawi, the new Conservative Chairman, in other words, Jake Berry’s replacement, saying that Braverman’s reappointment showed that Sunak believes in second chances.

“Wow! Six days in exile, six days in the wilderness and then you’re back.”

The reappointed Home Secretary resigned on October 19 due to breaching the ministerial code by sharing private government information via her personal email.

She has since been given her job back by new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak following his uncontested election on Monday.

Nadhim Zahawi defends Suella Braverman as Home Secretary

Former Conservative Party Chairman Jake Berry shared further details of Ms Braverman’s breach of the ministerial code after he was replaced in the reshuffle.

Mr Berry told Talk TV: “Six days is a long time in politics, so it’s for the new Prime Minister and he must be free to appoint whoever he wants.

“But look, what I would say is from my own knowledge there were multiple breaches of the ministerial code.”

He added: “In fact, multiple of the ministerial code it was sent from a private email address to another member of Parliament.

“She then sought to copy in that individual’s wife and accidentally sent it to a staffer in Parliament.

“To me, that seems a really serious breach, especially when it was documents relating to cyber security, as I believe.

“It seems a really serious breach, the cabinet secretary had his say at the time, I doubt he’s changed his mind in the last six days, but that’s a matter for the new Prime Minister.”

Further reports emerged on Friday suggesting Ms Braverman had clashed with Liz Truss over her proposed immigration plan mere hours before being forced to step down.

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