Farage slams the Kings Remainer appointments as Knights of the Garter

GB News: Nigel Farage comments on Order of the Garter honours

Nigel Farage has slammed King Charles’s new Knights of the Garter appointments, describing each is an establishment left-winger. The King announced the new appointments – the most senior order of knighthood in Britain – to coincide with St George’s Day on April 23.

Mr Farage appeared furious that the King’s first two appointments to the senior position in the British nobility are both former European Commissioners.

First he squared in on Lord Patten, a member of the House of Lords describing him as: “The last governor of Hong Kong and then an EU commissioner.”

“Well, I suppose he’s had a long career in public life,” he added.

He saved his most scathing comments for the King’s second appointment, Baroness Cathy Ashton.

“A long-time operative within the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, who married well, married a well-known pollster, and indeed at one point Labour donor who – for reasons that totally baffled me at the time – finished up as a European Commissioner.

“She had, as I said on her first day, risen without trace.”

In 2009, Nigel Farage was reprimanded by the speaker of the EU Parliament for attacking Cathy Ashton’s following her appointment.

He told fellow MEPs she was the “true representation of the modern-day political class – in some ways she’s ideal isn’t she? She’s never had a proper job and she’s never been elected to anything in her life so I guess she’s perfect for this European Union.”

On his GB News broadside Nigel Farage said it was “remarkable” that the “King’s first two appointments are both to be former European Commissioners when we haven’t had more than a couple of dozen over the last two decades.”

Mr Farage drew parallels with new data out today showing that, following the departure of Dominic Raab from government, Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet now consists of 21 Remainers to just 8 Brexiteers.

He concluded that both pieces of news prove that: “Yes, the establishment is back firmly, completely and totally in charge.”

Speaking to express.co.uk today, Nigel Farage said the Remain-dominant make-up of Nigel Farage’s Cabinet showed anti-Brexiteers are back in charge of the Tory party.

“Despite the hard-fought battles of 2019, the Remainers are back in charge of the Tory party and business as usual politics has returned,” he added.

“The Conservatives only (slowly and painfully) went for Brexit because they were forced to, but they never truly believed in it.

“These figures show we now have a Remainer, Centrist, Blairite cabinet – lead by a Prime Minister who tells us he voted for Brexit… but with very little evidence to prove it.”

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