Ferrari baffled as illegal caller slams UK for failing to stop unlawful immigration

LBC 'illegal immigrant' caller describes how he got in UK for £7K

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LBC radio host Nick Ferrari could not believe his ears when a former self-proclaimed illegal migrant called Miro told on live radio that the UK Government is not “doing enough” to clamp down on illegal immigration. Home Secretary Priti Patel tried to create a deterrent with the Rwanda policy by sending some illegal migrants to Rwanda where they can either claim asylum or request to go back to their country. The immigration plan failed on Tuesday, as the European Court of Human Rights delayed the departure of the seven migrants on board the Kigali-bound flight. The LBC caller Miro from Ealing began by saying he had himself “been illegal for seven years”, leaving Nick Ferrari completely astounded.

The caller said: “I’m going to be very, very simple, very, very clear. I’m sorry but I’ve been illegal myself for seven years in the UK.”

A stunned Nick Ferrari then cut him off, asking: “I’m sorry, you’ve been… do you see immigrant? Is that the word you just said?”

Miro then said: “I’ve been illegal… for seven years in the UK.”

Taken aback, Nick Ferrari added: “Ok, got you. Sorry, yeah.”

Miro continued: “Yeah, and I tried to manage to marry the woman, a lovely woman and get my residence card.

“But since I’ve been here in the UK, I work.”

“What line do you work in?”, Nick Ferrari asked. “What do you do?”

“So basically, I’ve been trying different work”, Miro said. “I’m an engineer electrician now because I managed to finish school here in the UK. But it was very easy, Nick.”

A visibly shocked Nick Ferrari asked: “How did you get in 12 years ago? How did you get in?”

Miro explained: “Basically, Nick, so we just come in France, find people with a lorry and stuff. We just pay money, money – money that we get in France – pay to them and we come here.

“12 years ago, I remember I paid like £7,000 to come in the UK. So, I needed to find work to pay back my money.”

“Why did you want England”, Mr Ferrari then asked.

Miro said: “Because, let’s be honest, the UK is a place where everybody can reach their dream. Everyone.”

A staggered Mr Ferrari then asked: “Reach their dream? Ok. And would you say a lot of your friends back in Albania, they also say England is a place to realise your dreams or to reach your dreams, as you say?”

“Yes, yes”, Miro replied. “Because in Albania, you can actually take 190 euros for a month. All that was very, very good in school in Albanian. But the opportunity to go to to do things was like zero.”

Mr Ferrari jumped in, asking: “And do you think that the British Government – sorry Miro but it’s very interesting to hear your testimony, your story – do you think the British government should be tough now to people trying to get in? Or should it make it easier?”

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Miro said: “Look, Nick, there are so many illegal people here in the UK that I know from Albania. They’ve been here more than 13 years, 13 years. And the Government is not doing anything about it.

“So, if the people being here 13-14 years, do something about that.”

A baffled Mr Ferrari asked for clarification: “Erm, do you mean go after the people who are here illegally? Do you mean that?”

“Yes, yes”, Miro said. “There are so many of them. The Government is not doing anything.”

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