Ferrari erupts at Tory minister in tense Liz Truss trust row

Simon Clarke grilled on support for Truss by Ferrari

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LBC host Nick Ferrari reacted to Boris Johnson’s claims that the country and the government should get behind the new Prime Minister Liz Truss during his final speech at Downing Street. Speaking with Mr Ferrari, Treasury Chief Secretary Simon Clarke backed the former Prime Minister on his claims suggesting the country needs to unite amid the “emphatic mandate” Liz Truss received from her party. Mr Ferrari shared concern over Mr Johnson’s comments and, referring to previous Tory leaders’ end-of-mandate addresses in which they incited the country to show trust in the next leader, he questioned why “the public should anything they say”.

Nick Ferrari pointed out: “The country has heard this before [that the Conservative Party needs to get behind the new leader].”

He explained: “They voted for David Cameron, they end up with Theresa May, and Mr Cameron said ‘we must unite’.

“Then they got Boris Johnson and Theresa May said ‘we must unite’.

“Now that Boris Johnson has gone, we’ve got Liz Truss.

“Why should the public believe anything they say?”.

Following the remarks, Mr Clarke said: “They should believe that, there is total commitment to get on with the job and delivering.

“I did not want Boris Johnson to be removed as Prime Minister, Liz Truss did not want Boris Johnson to be removed as Prime Minister.”

He stressed: “The circumstances of recent years have been genuinely tumultuous, these have been the most extraordinary years since the end of WW2.

Simon Clarke grilled on support for Truss by Ferrari

“There have been massive political debates mirroring the scale of the decisions and the choices facing the country.

“This is an emphatic mandate in this contest and we need to get behind [the new Prime Minister]”.

The comments from Mr Ferrari came after the speech that Mr Johnson held on Tuesday morning before leaving 10 Downing Street.

In his address to the nation, he promised to give his successor his “most fervent support” and, referring to the plan she is set to announce amid the current cost of living crisis, he vowed to “get behind Liz Truss every step of the step of the way”.

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Speaking to the Conservative Party and the whole nation, he also urged: “it is time to get behind [the new Prime Minister]”.

In his speech to the nation, Mr Johnson also outlined his administration’s achievements, highlighting Brexit as well as the way the UK had handled the Covid pandemic and the country’s support to Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

Despite not official announcements, Liz Truss could introduce a freeze on the energy price cap as part of the measures she is planning to put in place to tackle the current cost of living crisis.

Speaking with BBC’s One Sunday host Laura Kuenssberg, for instance, Ms Truss refused to rule out a bills freeze suggesting the possibility for the implementation of the measure, long dismissed in the past weeks.

Liz Truss is expected to provide full details and specifics on her cost of living plan later this week.

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