Frexit prediction: EU will be shocked into SUBMISSION as France to copy Brexit strategy

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Frexit campaigner Charles-Henri Gallois outlined the importance of going on the offensive when attempting to cut ties with the EU. During an interview with, Mr Gallois argued his campaigners hope to use a Brexit Party strategy to get the EU on the backfoot while they push to have France leave the bloc. He insisted the threat of no deal and preparation for it allows a country to aspire to a better trade deal.

He added the Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage was able to put pressure on the EU for this exact reason as they pushed for a no deal Brexit and demanded a “clean break” from Brussels.

Mr Gallois said: “What you need to do from the first day after the referendum is to put the pressure on.

“That is what the Brexit Party has done as they have understood the want to deliver Brexit.”

Mr Gallois also highlighted the benefits of no deal in the agreements.

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He highlighted that from this point it becomes easier to achieve a Brexit trade deal better than a no deal scenario.

He said: “From the first day, you need to prepare your country for a no deal.

“You can use the two years of negotiation to be ready and leave with a no deal.

“You won’t leave like this in six months but you want everything to be ready for your economy.

“You would use the negotiation time to prepare your country for a no deal and you do everything as if you are going for a no deal with the strong hand and then you will see at the end the European Union will give in.”

Mr Gallois added that cracks would quickly form between member states if a country hoping to leave the European Union appeared to be set on leaving without an agreement.

He said: “While the European Union acts like a sect but different countries within it, especially Germany, a country with the most trade surplus with the UK, they would want to keep it.

“You will have some countries that will put pressure on the EU to get a deal.

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“Contrary to all the project fear that was coming out, as an example, Germany would suffer much more than the UK if there is a no deal.

“I think, in the end, it would be a good case for the UK.”

Boris Johnson and his Brexit negotiating team have told businesses to prepare for a no deal scenario due to the late stages of the Brexit talks.

However, following a collapse of the talks, both the UK and EU have agreed to return to the negotiating table in hopes of securing a trade deal.

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