‘Frexit will come!’ Macron rival hails UK’s growing rejection of EU after damning poll

Frexit: EU ‘is not working’ says Charles-Henri Gallios

The leader of Les Patriotes took to Twitter to hail Britons’ growing rejection of the European Union. Citing a YouGov poll that found only 36 percent of people in the UK now have a favourable view of the EU, Mr Philippot wrote: “Fewer and fewer Britons have a good image of the EU (36 percent).

“This is normal: it is when you leave a sect that you really realise its horror and the harm it has done you.

“For the moment, we French are still in the sect with our crazy gurus.

“But it will come!”

The poll was conducted on February 1 by YouGov, which surveyed 2161 adults in the UK.

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It found that out of all the people surveyed 50 percent had an unfavourable view of the EU.

Of those of voted Remain in 2016, 25 percent now had an unfavourable view of the bloc.

Whilst only 8 percent of those who voted Leave in the 2016 referendum now view the bloc in a favourable light.

Brexit was also hailed by Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois this week.

Mr Gallois lashed out against the EU’s vaccine fiasco as he called for France to follow the UK out of the bloc.

He delivered a damning analysis of the EU’s handling of the coronavirus crisis as he wrote on Front Populaire the Brussels bloc was the “virus’ best friend”.

Picking the UK as the example to follow in the deployment of COVID-19 vaccines, the Frexit campaigner said the pandemic has been so far the “best advertisement for Brexit”.

He wrote: “If there is one glaring example of how useless and harmful the European Union is, it is the handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

“Across the English Channel, it is rightly said that the vaccine episode is the best possible advertisement for Brexit.

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“There are many tweets where ‘Remainers’ say they regret their vote and no longer wish to join the EU.

“If we calmly analyse the entire management of the COVID-19 crisis, we realise that the European Union and its ideology have been a drag all along.

“The world is realising the colossal delay of the European Union in terms of vaccination compared to countries like Israel, the United Arab Emirates, the United States or especially the United Kingdom of Brexit.

“This is all the more ironic for the UK as the pro-EU press explained in March 2020 that because of Brexit, the UK would have slower access to the vaccine. We have certainly seen that. While the UK has vaccinated more than 13 percent of its citizens as of January 29, 2021, the EU has yet to vaccinate 3 percent.

“This gap will worsen as the EU runs out of stocks and into shortages. This is also why vaccinations are postponed in France and the number of empty centres is increasing. This is also why there was a time to postpone the time between the two injections: no medical strategy behind it, but rather management of the shortage.”

Mr Gallois added: “This vaccine fiasco is arguably the most obvious and the most resounding, but in reality, the EU and its ideology have been unnecessary, and even harmful, throughout the COVID-19 crisis in other ways.”

The French politician said the EU had slowed down national efforts to tackle the pandemic earlier on in 2020 by imposing restrictions on the individual member states’ ability to procure PPE.

He also claimed the EU has destabilised the public health systems of member states by forcing EU governments to reduce public spending.

He said: “The reality is that if France and the other EU member countries are so far behind, it is precisely because the EU has handled the matter.”

Mr Gallois also lambasted the bloc over the latest vaccine row between the European Commission and jab provider AstraZeneca.

He concluded: “In this COVID-19 crisis, the EU is the virus, not the vaccine.

“The United Kingdom will show on the contrary that a free, independent country which defends its interests is infinitely more effective. The vaccine episode shows this, as the sequel will also show.\

“The UK has regained control. Make no mistake, the EU and its ideology are a drag, and by no means the solution.

“The French must also regain control, and that means a referendum on our membership to the EU, as the British did. Democracy demands it. Let’s take back control!”

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