Frost boasts bad dream is OVER and brags of Brexit achievements -but EU sent new warning

Lord Frost provides update on Northern Ireland protocol

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The minister and former Brexit negotiator will hail the UK’s freedom from Brussels as the start of a new era for the country. Boasting of the achievements already secured, Lord Frost will also look to the opportunities that lie ahead.

However, he will issue the EU with a stark warning to finally get serious about fixing the problems caused by the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Outlining what Boris Johnson’s Government has done so far outside the bloc, he will refer to new free trade agreements and the new immigration system as examples of what the UK can achieve when not bound by Brussels.

Triumphant at having defied his critics to secure an EU trade deal in record time, he will reflect on two years of hard-fought negations with Brussels bureaucrats to secure freedom from the bloc.

He will say: “All history, all experience, shows that democratic countries with free economies, which let people keep more of the money they have earned, make their own decisions, and manage their own lives, are not just richer but also happier and more admired by others.

“That is where we need to take this country.

“The opportunities are huge.

“The long bad dream of our EU membership is over.

“The British Renaissance has begun.”

His victorious speech comes after Liz Truss promised to “build a more competitive, more confident Britain” in her own speech to the Tory faithful in Manchester.

The newly-appointed Foreign Secretary pledged to “bang the drum for Britain abroad” as she spoke to Conservative members.

“Britain has always been at its best as an outward-looking, optimistic nation, confident in its ability to compete and lead.

“This is Britain I want us to be – patriotic and positive,” she said.

“People want to feel proud of their country and their local area.

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“They want to see Britain doing well on the international stage.

“They are fed up with the talk of decline and the sneering about our place in the world.”

She added: “I reject the voices of decline. I believe that Britain’s best days are ahead of us.

“We will put the UK at the heart of a network of economic, diplomatic and security partnerships.”

While celebrating the success of Brexit, Lord Frost will use his speech to speak directly to the EU and warn them their implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol risks undermining the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement.

He will urge them to meet him halfway in negotiating a new settlement to help ease frictions on goods travelling across the Irish Sea.

The Brexit minister will warn that “tinkering at the edges” will not be sufficient to make the mechanism sustainable for the long term and urge the bloc to be more “ambitious”.

He will reiterate the threshold has been met to take action to use the legal mechanism to unilaterally suspend the Protocol.

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