Hes out for revenge Cummings backed to succeed in plot against PM Boris is a goner!

Boris Johnson: Former Tory minister suggests 'change of PM'

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On Wednesday, the former aide to the Prime Minister took to Twitter to hint at another bombshell about to explode on Mr Johnson. He tweeted: “Will the CABSEC also be asked to investigate the flat party on Fri 13 Nov, the other flat parties, & the flat’s ‘bubble’ policy…?”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson rejected any claims there was a party held in November last year.

During PMQs on Wednesday, Mr Johnson was asked whether there was a party in Downing Street on November 13 by MP Catherine West.

Mr Johnson said: “No that never happened, but I am sure the guidance and the rules were followed at all times.”

Now, Express.co.uk readers have warned Mr Johnson he is a “goner” after the Prime Minister is facing a party crisis.

One Express.co.uk reader said: “Appears Cummings was right.

“Stories of parties emerging every couple of hours.

“Boris is a goner.”

A second person, mighty mouse, commented: “The British Government couldn’t lie straight in bed.”

A third reader, pjamas, urged: “Doesn’t matter what Cummings states.

“It won’t derail from the fact that Boris and his lying cronies need to go – VOTE REFORM UK!!”

Others accused the former aide of being “out for revenge”.

One person, theman fromtharl, said: “Cummings is a sad old man.

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“Out for revenge.”

Another reader, Welsh Rarebit, commented: “Cummings is a weasel! A liar!

“Remember in our first lockdown travelling up to Barnard Castle?

“When he should have gone to Specsavers!

“Boris sacked him with a £50 thousand pay off!

“This is how he pays Boris back? Evil man.”

That’s a Five Then echoed: “This is the measure of the man when he, Boris, did all he could to protect him after he broke the rules and then made up some stupid excuse, now stabbing him in the back constantly.”

Mr Cummings’ comments come amid reports of “many social gatherings” in Downing Street last year while the rest of the country was in lockdown following the rules.

A source suggested there were “always parties” in the flat Mr Johnson shares with his wife, adding: “Carrie’s addicted to them”.

There were also claims of a third, smaller gathering on November 13, the night Mr Cummings walked out of No 10, “where they were all getting totally plastered”.

Another source claimed: “While senior civil servants were urging caution and there was one message to the public, Prime Minister gave the impression that it could be very relaxed in No 10.

“He would either turn a blind eye or on some occasions attend himself while everyone else was in lockdown.”

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