‘How is that fair?!’ Kay Burley skewers Matt Hancock over eye-watering pay rise for MPs

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The Health Secretary refused to confirm whether he will receive a pay rise expected to be announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak this week. Mr Hancock said the proposed £3,360 pay rise set out by and an independent panel was yet to be confirmed. But Sky News host Kay Burley insisted: “I think I know the answer to the question, I think you’re getting £3,360. That’s certainly the pay rise proposed for MPs.

“You already earn more than £100,000.

“But we’re expecting public sector workers to have their pay frozen.

“How is that fair?”

Matt Hancock replied: “I’m afraid that’s just not right. We don’t know what the circumstances will be.

“The pay of MPs is set independently. I don’t have a say over it and that’s quite right.

“I have never voted on matters of pay of MPs and I’m really glad that was sorted out before I entered Parliament.

“But these are matters that can be properly discussed when the details can be set out.

“What I do know is that the pandemic has had a very big impact on people’s health but also on the economy.”

Pressed again on whether he believed it is fair for the public sector to suffer a pay freeze whilst MPs get a pay rise, he said: “I really can’t get into it, Kay, I’m here to talk about this rollout of the flu jab. I’d love to answer the question in more detail.

“Let’s talk about it as and when any formal announcements have been made, but I don’t know what those formal announcements will be and we have to wait for the Chancellor to set out the detail.

“I’m terribly sorry I can’t be more helpful than that.”

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