‘Hypocrite!’ Verhofstadt confronted by Brexiteer for lecturing UK on foreign interference

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The arch-federalist former Belgium prime minister said a report on Russian political actors should be a “stark warning for all democracies”. He insisted the UK should also take note of the US Senate dossier after an investigation in Britain found no evidence of Russian meddling in the Brexit referendum. Writing on Twitter, Mr Verhofstadt said: “Even after all we already knew, still stunned by the findings of the bipartisan Senate report on Russian interference. A stark warning for all democracies.

“We too need to be bold in facing the problem. UK, are you awake?”

The thousand-page report released by the Senate Intelligence Committee claimed Donald Trump’s presidential election was helped by foreign powers.

It claimed Ukraine interfered in the ballot and presented evidence of three alleged private trips by the US President to Russia.

But Mr Verhofstadt was accused of himself meddling in foreign politics with his stream of attacks against Brexit.

Former Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe said: “Verhofstadt is a special kind of hypocrite. This is the man who proudly screeched ‘B******* to Brexit’ whilst supporting the Lib Dems in the Euros, but lectures us on foreign interference.

“Every syllable he uttered gifted the Brexit Party a thousand votes. The man was a gift to eurosceptics and I’ll be forever grateful to him and his fellow sneering eurocrats who made Brexit possible.

“Mr Verhofstadt, on December 31 I’ll be raising a glass to you for all you’ve done for our cause. 

“Cheers, Guy!”

Mr Verhofstadt is the European Parliament’s former Brexit co-ordinator and has campaigned for the referendum result to be overturned.

The Belgian has also accused the UK Government of not holding a “serious” inquiry into potential Russian meddling with the Brexit ballot.

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He previously claimed “risked disaster” by voting for the UK to quit the EU in 2016.

During a speech at the EU Parliament last year, Mr Verhofstadt hit out at Boris Johnson’s attempts to free Britain from the Brussels project.

The Belgian MEP said: “All those who are not playing his game are traitors, or collaborators, or surrenders.

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“Well, in my opinion dear colleagues, the real traitor is he or she who would risk bringing disaster upon his country, its economy, its citizens by pushing Britain out of the European Union.

“That is, in my opinion, a traitor.”

As a result of his pro-Brussels views, which includes support for a united states of Europe, Mr Verhofstadt frequently clashed with Nigel Farage and his former colleagues in the Brexit Party and Ukip.

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