I do the questions, you do the answers Kay Burley erupts at Sunak in tense Budget probe

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Sky News Kay Burley erupted at Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak in a tense row. Ms Burley had asked Mr Sunak whether he felt his Budget goes far enough to address the economic issues facing the UK. Mr Sunak insisted that he was and Britons could expect to feel the impacts of his budget now rather than at the end of the financial year. 

Ms Burley then moved on to the topic of climate change and what impact the Budget would have on the Government’s abilities to meet their climate change targets. 

Mr Sunak then hit back arguing that Ms Burley had asked whether he was doing enough for the public regarding living standards and the cost of living and then questioned him on freezes he made to fuel duty.

The Sky News host then snapped at the Chancellor insisting that she asked the questions and it was Mr Sunak’s job to answer then. 

She first said: “Let me ask you ask about the climate instead.

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“Fuel duty frozen again, air passenger duty reduced for national travel, do you not care about the environment?”

Mr Sunak answered: “Hang on, Kay.

“Just a minute ago you were asking me about living standards for people and the cost of living.

“Now you are upset that we are freezing fuel duty and making it cheaper for passengers.”

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The pair then began shouting over one another.

Ms Kay then shouted loudly: “I do the questions, you do the answers, Chancellor.” 

Mr Sunak replied: “We just talked about this, with fuel prices at almost a decade high I didn’t think it was the right thing to do add to people’s costs by increasing fuel duty.

“In regards to air passenger duty what you didn’t mention was that we are also introducing a new band for ultra-long-haul flights so that those who fly the furthest, places like Japan or Chile will see a higher rate of air passenger duty.”


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Ms Burley interrupted to say that it would not be a much higher rate.

Mr Sunak closed by insisting that the Government was making good strides to reach net-zero carbon emissions. 

He added the Government was pushing to make aviation more sustainable going forward.

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