In quite a lot of trouble John Curtice shares honest truth as time ticking for Boris

Boris Johnson ‘in quite a lot of trouble’ says John Curtice

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Speaking to GB News on Thursday the University of Strathclyde polling boffin warned how the December 18 covid rule breaking Downing Street party and accusations that Boris Johnson lied in evidence about funding for the redecoration of his flat have hit the Prime Minister’s popularity hard. The news comes as Labour have leap-frogged the Conservative Party in the polls by a whopping 6-points according to The Mirror newspaper.

Asked by host Alex Phillips how the latest crises could impact the Prime Minister’s future as leader of Britain, the polling expert expressed deep concerns . 

Professor Curtice warned: “The honest truth to that question is that the Prime Minister is in quite a lot of trouble…

“So far as the court of public opinion is concerned.”

Professor John said the real difficulty Mr Johnson may now find is that Britons “no longer believe what he says” following a string of scandals at Downing Street.

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He explained how that “mood” towards the Prime Minister is now beginning to “stretch into Conservative voters” as he warned Boris Johnson is in deep trouble with the electorate.

Professor John said: “It is clear that a majority of people, including at least over half of Conservative voters… believe that there was a party in Downing Street on the 18 December.

“The truth is that the Prime Minister’s semi-denial/suggesting its existence is still uncertain – that stance is simply not widely believed.”

He said therefore Britons should not be surprised when they those polled are asked directly whether they think the Prime Minister is lying, a majority agree he is.

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The polling guru said: “We are finding around two thirds of people, including almost a half of the people who voted Conservative in 2019, saying they think the Prime Minister is lying.”

The damning comments come as Boris Johnson fights off fires on three fronts of his leadership as confusion caused by the Plan B announcement on Wednesday erupts alongside allegations of up to seven covid rule breaking parties taking place around Downing Street and Whitehall during lockdown restrictions.

While Thursday saw fresh allegations levelled at the Prime Minister accusing him of lying while giving evidence about how much he knew about the source of funding for redecorating the Downing Street flat. 

It has now emerged that Boris Johnson WhatsApp’d Lord Brownlow, a Tory donor, for financial help in covering the cost of the makeover. The Conservative Party were found to have broken transparency rules over the issue and fined £17,800.


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It comes as the Prime Minister has now called on Cabinet Secretary Simon Case to investigate the covid rule smashing bash which took place during Tier 3 restrictions in London and was originally reported by the Mirror newspaper last week.

Responding to a mock question by advisor Ed Oldfield whether a party took place, Ms Stratton laughed, saying “this fictional party was a business meeting and it was not socially distanced”.

Ms Stratton resigned on Wednesday following the scandal after the Prime Minister said he was “furious” at the clip.

But the Prime Minister now faces allegations of another six bashes that took place in Downing Street and Whitehall over the lockdown period as calls for the Prime Ministers resignation ring out from opposition party’s and his own backbenches.

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