Labour dont want to be in power Ex MEP slams party after MP calls Brexit voters thick

Labour: 'It's as if they don’t want to be in power’ says Belinda de Lucy

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Labour Party MP Chris Bryant caused a stir after calling Brexit voters “thick” after retweeting a photoshopped image of empty shop shelves. Ex Brexit Party MEP Belinda De Lucy insisted the Labour Party were showing itself to be unelectable.  Mr Bryant is the MP for Rhondda Cynon Taf which voted 53.7 percent in favour of Brexit. 

She claimed the party regularly turned to insults and attacking the electorate if they could not sway them with their arguments.

While speaking on TalkRadio Ms De Lucy said: “Labour are determined to insult their voters as much as possible.

“They are in a kind of Olympics, a race against each other to try and haemorrhage as many voters as they can from their own constituencies.

“It is almost as if they don’t really want to be in power.

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“They are so unelectable that shouting from the sidelines and making sure their tentacles are around every academic institution in the country is enough.

“They don’t want power because this constant attack and sneering at their own voter base is mind-boggling.

“I have never known it in history, this once great movement that enfranchised the working class is now like a toddler high on sugar.”

Ms De Lucy added that the Labour Party would continue to do this going forward.

Peter Bone discusses Chris Bryant's Brexiteer retweet

She said: “Labour have been doing this for some time.

“They will do it again over climate change, they are doing it over Covid.

“If they are unelectable, if they can’t win over voters by their argument they resort to insults.

“They resort to dehumanising and discrediting, they tried to discredit Brexiteers and the Brexit voter for years.”

Tory MP Peter Bone also agreed with Ms De Lucy’s assessment of the Labour Party.

He said: “If you can’t win the argument you attack the person, instead of playing the ball – you play that player.

“And I think Chris Bryant, who was a huge fan of remaining in the EU, loves the EU.

“He’s lost the argument, Brexit has proved to be a success.”

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