‘Look closer to home!’ Scottish Lib Dem skewers SNP attacks on Boris Johnson’s conduct

SNP should ‘look closer to home’ says Christine Jardine

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The Scottish Lib Dem turned on the SNP during the BBC Debate Night on Wednesday ahead of the upcoming election clash in Scotland. She attacked Nicola Sturgeon’s party over the focus on the conduct of Boris Johnson amid recent Tory “sleaze” allegations. Ms Jardine highlighted how the Scottish First Minister and the SNP had been mired in murky claims of their own in recent times. She advised the SNP to “look closer to home” before criticising the Prime Minister.

Ms Jardine told the BBC debate the SNP were “not exactly bereft of allegations at the moment.”

She said: “I don’t think the SNP actually are in any position to criticise Boris Johnson.

“Because they are not exactly bereft of allegations at the moment.

“We have had an inquiry we have had a million pounds worth of taxpayers money put into legal actions and no one yet has taken responsibility for what happened.”

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The Scottish Lib Dem continued: “They have been completely opaque about a lot of things.

“We have had ministers having meetings with Heathrow Airport that no minutes were taken of.

“There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered and we have several months of allegations, of sleazy discussions going on in Scotland.

“When it felt at times as if the whole fabric of Scottish politics of Scottish government was being dragged into the mire.”

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“We forget this very quickly if the SNP think they can just turn and say isn’t Boris Johnson terrible.

“I am not saying Boris isn’t rightly being scrutinised at the moment.

“But I really think we have to look closer to home.:

She added: “The electorate will have a chance to decide in a week and I hope they will decide that they need a government the next time that they can trust, and isn’t going to get involved in the same sort of messes that the SNP have.” 

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It comes as an Institute for Government economist savaged the SNP’s fiscal programme ahead of the crunch Holyrood election next Thursday.

Gemma Tetlow said: “An independent Scotland couldn’t sustain annual levels of borrowing, year after year, at 8.5 percent of GDP. Borrowing at that level would imply debt rising, relative to the size of the Scottish economy, inexorably. At some point, that becomes unsustainable.

“There are definitely difficult questions to be answered. Those questions have to be answered as part of the case for why leaving the union would be overall beneficial to the people of Scotland.

“Any advocates for breaking away from the UK must address the reality of the nations’ current fiscal imbalances and the difficult policy choices these would necessitate after secession.”

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