Lord Frost LIVE: Brexit chief to face grilling TODAY as Gibraltar row heats up with Spain

Gibraltar: Morton discusses priorities in post-Brexit relations

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Gibraltar ceased to be part of the EU at the same time as the rest of the United Kingdom, however, thousands of Spanish workers cross the border to Gibraltar every day.

A solution to the issue of border controls would the presence of Spanish authorities at Gibraltar’s borders.

However, the Gibralatian government has described this as “unacceptable”.

The UK has also rejected these proposals, despite signing an initial agreement in 2020.

Former foreign secretary Dominic Raab said the presence of Spanish border forces would: “undermine the UK’s sovereignty over Gibraltar”.

The Northern Ireland protocol will also be on the agenda at this afternoon’s meeting.


Failure to agree on border controls could see ‘hard border’ in Gibraltar

If Spain and the UK are unable to agree on border controls for Gibraltar, the rock could see a hard border appearing between it and Spain. 

This would be extremely difficult for the 1,000s of Spaniards who cross the border to work every day.

Northern Ireland border discussions could distract from Gibraltar talks

Some have argued that the discussion of Northern Ireland border controls at the same time as talks on Gibraltars border could distract attention away from the issue of Gibraltar. 

Agustin Santos, Spanish Ambassador to the United Nations said:

“They are two different negotiations and there shouldn’t be any collision between them.”

He stated that that the Spanish government is “prepared for any eventuality, but plan A is to reach a beneficial agreement for all before the end of the year.”

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