Macron was wrong! French president slammed for having no professionalism in clown row

Macron slammed by panelist for labelling Johnson a ‘clown’

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Journalist Angela Epstein has hit back at Emmanuel Macron for calling Boris Johnson a “clown” as tension grows over EU fishing licenses and the worsening migrant crisis in Calais. She insisted it was “unprofessional” of the French President and he was wrong to call the Prime Minister names.

Speaking on the Jeremy Vine show, Ms Epstein said: “Politicians, politic and they use whatever tools they’ve got in their box to do that.

“We know about his fabled boosterism, we know he’s not a natural interventionist, he wants us all to go to the party.

“On a very singular point of whether he should be called a clown it was wrong.

“Whether you think he is one or not, it was entirely inappropriate for Macron to call him a clown.”

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She added: “Because then we have no kind of element of professionalism we have no suggestion that there is any scope for debate.

“Macron’s got his own stuff on us, everything is framed by the fact that we left the EU.

“He knows there is a growing sort of voice of Euroscepticism in France anyway.

“Look how he dissed the AstraZeneca vaccine at the beginning.

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“There is all this stuff about the fishing licenses, there is lots of bad blood there anyway, but it is entirely inappropriate.

“There is no chance of resetting the Anglo-French relationship if you use terminology like that.”

According to the French newspaper Le Canard Enchaine Emmanuel Macrons, exact words on the Prime Minister were: “BoJo talks to me, full speed, everything’s going well.”

“We have grown-up conversations, but he strikes me before and after as having an inelegant way about him. It’s always the same circus.”

Macron added: “It’s sad to see such a great country, with which we could do so much, led by a clown.”

Tory business minister George Freeman spoke to Sky News, Mr Freeman said: “I think we are into pantomime season, aren’t we? And there is a French election coming.”

Mr Freeman added: “It is a pretty unhelpful word. Of course, the prime minister isn’t a clown, he is the elected prime minister of this country with a very big mandate, leading this country through the pandemic.”

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