Migrant crisis is worse than ever warns veteran EU foreign minister

Hungarian Foreign Minister discusses migrant crisis in Europe

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The European border agency Frontex has been branded as a “travel agency” for illegal migrants by a veteran European foreign minister. Péter Szijjártó, who has been Hungary’s foreign minister since 2014 and dealt with six UK foreign secretaries, has said the migrant crisis is as bad as it has ever been on the continent.

His comments come as Conservative MPs have vented their fury that a plan to take migrants crossing in small boats across the English Channel back to France have been quietly abadoned by the Home Office.

The revelation came in a written answer by migration minister Robert Jenrick.

Ashfield Conservative MP Lee Anderson, chairman of the Blue Collar Conservativism group, described the decision as “complete nonsense” and “totally unacceptable.”

But Mr Szijjártó told Express.co.uk that the problems are just part of a muchh greater problem.

He likened the situation to 2015 and 2016 when a million migrants crossed Europe into Germany and were accused of mass sexual crimes.

The issue was one of the events which many believe influenced the 2016 EU referendum in Britain.

He said: “It’s getting worse in central Europe as well unfortunately.

“Our southern border, which is basically the southern border of the EU is under seige. We have basically stopped 250,000 llegal migrants this year.

“This is the numbers back in 2015 when the migrant crisis was at its peak.”

But he said in Europe the issue has taken a much nastier turn.

He claimed: “They are carrying weapons. The smugglers and the migrants are carrying weapons and they are using them as well.

“They are shooting at each other and at our border guards.”

It is one of the biggest sins commited by Brussels that they still encourage people illegally into Europe.

“Violating the border between two peaceful countries is a criime. Nobody has the right to violate the borders between France and the UK or serbia and Hungary.”

He said that while refugees have the right to claim asylum in the first political country they do not have the right to move through European countries.

Mr Szijjártó described the organisation (NGOs) helping illegal migrants as “basically trafficking mafia.”

He accused tthem of using ships on the Mediteranean “to let people come in who do not have the right to come in.”

On the European border agency Frontex, he added: “Frontex is not a border organisation it is rather a travel agency. We wuld rather protect the border ourselves then we know what is being done.”


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