Minister appalled as professor hounded out of her job by trans activists

Transgender caller tells Jeremy Vine 'proud to be English'

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Kathleen Stock, a professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex, was targeted by an anonymous group claiming she is transphobic and should be sacked. Protesters were pictured standing outside the university with banners saying: “Stock out.”

Ms Badenoch said: “I was appalled at the way she was treated. Nobody should face bullying or harassment in the workplace.

“I don’t think she should lose her job. I think that she has every right to hold the beliefs. I think she is probably in step with the majority of the population.”

Prof Stock denies she is transphobic but insists gender identity should not outweigh biological sex in policies and laws.

Last week, the academic announced she was quitting her job after “an absolutely horrible time” and “a very difficult few years”.

Ms Badenoch said the Government believes trans people should not be able to legally change gender without a medical professional being involved.

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