Nigel Farage warns Brexit Britain faces battles with France on every front

France: Johnson 'hasn't got guts to take action' says Farage

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Nigel Farage has told Australian television Britain is facing off against France “on every front” amid rows over migrants and fishing arrangments post Brexit. With Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson at loggerheads over people-smugglers using small boats to ferry people across the English Channel, Mr Farage has argued the UK has faced “constant aggravation with France for at least 1,000 years”.

Mr Farage told Sky News Australia host Paul Murray: “It’s absolutely ridiculous because don’t forget, the EU itself has a massive problem because, in 2015, they said that anyone across the Mediterranean and set foot on EU soil would be allowed to stay.

“And then they were surprised that millions came so they have got their own problems with this.

“We’ve got battles with the French on every front.

“Look, we’ve had constant aggravation with France for at least 1,000 years.

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“There’s nothing new in that at all.”

Mr Farage went on to hail Australia’s handling of migrant boats from Indonesia.

He said: “Indonesia didn’t welcome the boats back in 2012.

“But Australia, towed them back there, and that’s exactly what the UK has to do.

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“But if Boris does that, they’ll get condemned by the United Nations will get condemned by the European Union.

“He’ll get condemned by all his pals in the climate change club and frankly, I just don’t think he’s got the guts to do it.”

Last week, Home Secretary Priti Patel told the House of Commons that European Union member states are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the bloc’s inability to tackle the migrant crisis gripping the continent.

The Home Secretary informed MPs on Monday that European capitals were ignoring EU Commission rules on migration and clubbing together on a bilateral basis in the face of a “lack of progress” from Brussels. 

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The Home Secretary told MPs: “Obviously it’s the Commission…the EU Commission that leads on illegal migration.

“And countries…member states themselves are not supposed to actually engage at a bilateral level.

“And they’re all breaking out of that cycle right now.

“Out of their own frustration with the Commission’s inability to grip this issue.”

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