‘No friend of the UK!’ Britons furiously turn on Biden over more Brexit meddling

Trump blasts Biden for removing Churchill bust from White House

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Andrew Bridgen heavily criticised the US President for continuing with attempts to influence talks on the Northern Ireland Protocol. The Conservative MP claimed Mr Biden’s “misguided actions” are having a detrimental impact on diplomatic ties. His furious outburst comes after it was claimed the US is continuing to impose tariffs on UK steel and aluminium amid fears over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Biden administration is worried the UK Government could invoke Article 16 that would legally suspend aspects of the international treaty, which Washington has warned would undermine the peace process in Northern Ireland.

The Financial Times reported it had seen communication from a US commerce official which said negotiations on on easing tariffs could not go ahead due to concerns over the Brexit issue.

Britons are now losing patience with the US and in particular Mr Biden, accusing the President of yet more Brexit meddling.

Express reader SirWalterRaleigh said: “Anyone who removes Churchill on first day is no friend of the UK.”

SanjayP wrote: “If a relationship with the USA means sacrificing NI to the EU, then the relationship is not worth having.”

Fellow reader LeaveMeOut commented: “The US has no special relationship with anybody, only convenient relationships that benefit them.”

Meanwhile liverpoolguy added: “I wonder how the Americans would react if we told them McDonald’s cannot trade in the UK?”

Tory MP Mr Bidgen lashed out at the US President, and told Politico: “Biden may have ordered the bust of Winston Churchill to be removed from the Oval Office, but he still appears to want to interfere in UK affairs.

“Due to his misguided actions the ‘special relationship’ is at an all-time low.”

The UK’s anger was stoked early on in Mr Biden’s presidency when he decided to remove the bust of the former British wartime leader – is on loan to the US from the UK Government – from his office

It was seen in many quarters as a pointed political message being sent by Mr Biden’s administration and a direct snub of Britain.

Downing Street played this down at the time, stating: “The Oval Office is the president’s private office, and it’s up to the president to decorate it as he wishes.”

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Number 10 as also tried to shrug off ears the US is using steel tariffs as punishment against the UK for Lord Frost’s stance in Brexit negotiations with the EU.

Boris Johnson official spokesman “It is important not to conflate those two issues. They are two separate points.

“On the steel tariffs, we are working quite closely with the Biden administration.

“It is encouraging that they are taking steps to de-escalate the issue and we are very focused on agreeing a resolution that removes damaging tariffs, which will benefit businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.

“On the Protocol, the US shares our deep commitment to the Belfast agreement and the peace process.

“The actions that we are taking are to protect the Good Friday Agreement and Northern Ireland’s place in the UK single market.”

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