‘Out to PUNISH the UK’ Brexiteer rages at Remainer after claim EU a ‘flexible negotiator’

Brexit: Ben Habib shuts down Naomi Smith in fiery clash

Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib of Unlocked argued the EU has not negotiated in good faith throughout the entire talks with the UK. During a tense row with Chief Executive at Best for Britain, Naomi Smith, Mr Habib snapped after Ms Smith insisted the EU was a flexible negotiator. The Brexiteer claimed the EU had continuously attempted to punish the UK for voting Brexit. Ms Smith said: “What I believe is best is that we have a good amicable relationship with our nearest trading partner.”

Mr Habib interrupted to ask: “Would you concede legal ground to the European Union?

“Would you give them a right to make laws in this country on our behalf just to secure your trade deal?”

Ms Smith hit back: “But Ben, when we were members of the EU, which we now are no longer, we had the power of veto.”

Mr Habib snapped back and insisted that was not relevant as that was not answering the question he asked.

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She continued: “I am also saying to you that the EU is actually a very flexible negotiating partner.”

TalkRADIO host Dan Wootton then cut in to add: “Well, they don’t seem to be at the moment.

“Naomi, you have got David Davis, the former Brexit Secretary writing that the EU has behaved unreasonably from the beginning.

“He has been in the room.”

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Ms Smith dismissed these comments from Mr Davis on the basis he is a Brexiteer.

She said: “Well, he would say that because, of course, he was always advocating against the European Union and has been a lifelong Eurosceptic.”

Mr Wootton then called on Ben Habib to have the final word in the discussion.

He said: “I will be very short Naomi and you can come right back.

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“The EU has acted in bad faith throughout the Brexit talks.

“It undermined the Article 50 process which says that the UK should be allowed to leave and pursue its own constitutional requirements, the EU actually stood in the way of that.

“It connived with Remainers in this country, it connived with John Bercow and opposition members of Parliament.

“It did everything in its power to pull the rug out from underneath the UK’s feet.

“It is out to punish the UK, for them, this is an ideological political battle, it is not one for trade.”

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