Peston: SAGE expert has hilarious exchange over Covid criticism – Fair enough!

Boris Johnson signals early end to Covid self-isolation laws

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Robert Peston spoke to John Edmonds, a professor in the Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, during last night’s episode of ITV’s flagship political programme. Professor Edmonds is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) which has advised the Government about Covid throughout the pandemic.

Mr Peston implied that some people felt Professor Edmonds was too “gloomy” about Covid and often wrong.

He said: “John, you’ve been a little gloomy today.

“Some people hate you because they say your always too gloomy and quite often you’re wrong.”

Pausing and somewhat taken aback by Mr Peston’s comments, Professor Edmonds responded with only a few words.

He said: “Ok, fair enough.”

But ITV’s political editor insisted Professor Edmonds should give a longer response to the accusations.

A chuckling Peston said: “You’ve got to have more to say that fair enough.

“You’re an acknowledged world leading expert.”

However, once again, Professor Edmonds only gave a limited response.

He said: “You can’t be right all the time.”

Later in the programme, Professor Edmonds said that although the pandemic was coming to an end the virus would continue to evolve.

He said: “I think we are through the pandemic phase.

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“I think of it in these terms, two years ago we were all susceptible to this virus.

“Now we’re not the vast majority of us have been vaccinated, some have been infected, some have had both.

“The problem is that the virus will continue to evolve.

“There is no guarantee that the next virus will be milder it could be more severe.”

During his interview with Peston, Professor Edmonds also said he disagreed with the Government’s aim of ending the free supply of lateral flow tests.

He said: “I still think they are playing a very important role in identifying people who are infectious early, because you can get a result straight away.”

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