Rishi Sunak blames barbaric Putin for driving economic crisis

Rishi Sunak shares ‘decisive response’ to Russia

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Rishi Sunak has blamed Vladimir Putin for “driving” the current global economic crisis, accusing the Kremlin leader of “turning off gas taps” and “choking” the global grain supply. Giving a statement to the House of Commons following the G20 summit in Bali, the Prime Minister said the conference “took place amidst the worst global economic crisis since 2008”.  This comes ahead of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement, being delivered this morning, in which he is expected to announce a swathe of tax hikes and spending cuts. 

Mr Sunak warned that “economic shockwaves will ripple around the world for years to come”, but promised that the Government is “delivering a decisive response”. 

He told MPs: “The G20 was created to grip challenges like this… But today’s crisis is different, because it is being driven by a G20 member.

“By turning off the gas taps and choking off the Ukrainian grain supply Russia has severely disrupted global food and energy markets.

“The economic shockwaves will ripple around the world for years to come.

“So together with the other responsible members of the G20 we are delivering a decisive response.

He also used his speech to address the missile which landed in Poland on Tuesday night. 

While it is not yet clear which country the missile originated from, Mr Sunak said “the blame belongs solely to Russia”.

The Prime Minister explained: “As we have heard the Polish and American Presidents say, it is possible that the explosion was caused by a Ukrainian munition, which was deployed in self-defence.

“Whether or not this proves to be the case, no blame can be placed on a country trying to defend itself against such a barrage.”

Mr Hunt’s plan for the economy will be unveiled at 11.30am today when he delivers his Autumn Statement to MPs in the House of Commons.

He is understood to be planning an equal split of tax rises and spending cuts, which could translate into £25billion in hikes for taxpayers. 

The Government is attempting to fill a £50billlion hole in the public finances. 

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