Salmond to push Sturgeon into dangerous ‘Catalan option’ with radical indy agenda

Salmond would be 'more radical than Sturgeon' says expert

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Political strategist John McTernan discussed Alex Salmond’s political strategy as he attempts to increase independence support in Holyrood. But Mr McTernan warned Mr Salmond would explore more radical options than Nicola Sturgeon including following in the footsteps of Catalonia which declared itself independent in 2017 without the approval of the Spanish parliament. Mr McTernan added the relationship between the former allies would be tense as Mr Salmond would continually look for ways to set himself above the SNP and its leaders.  

Speaking to George Galloway on his Mother of All Talkshows programme, Mr McTernan said: “At six or seven percent of the vote that threshold could be bringing in new parliamentary seats.

“He’ll have a group in parliament and he will hope that he denies Nicola Sturgeon the majority in her own right – which is very hard to achieve. 

“[So he can] provide the votes that take her over the majority threshold. 

“He said he won’t seek a role in government and will be an advisor supporter, think his plan is to be Eamon De Valera to her Michael Collins. 

“He will be outflanking her, being more radical and her calling for a Catalan option and calling for a unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) even. 

“Although of course, the Scottish Parliament can’t leave the UK Parliament they’ll just sit separately. 

“So I think this is a historic split in the nationalist movement, it’s a psychodrama but it’s very serious. 

“And at the same time, we have the situation in Scottish Parliament – which you’re [George Galloway] highlighting with your party. 

Alex Salmond grilled on his 'definition of supermajority'

“That around 45 percent of the votes, election in and election out in the Scottish Parliament, go to parties who don’t want to under the United Kingdom. 

“And yet they get a handful of seats, they get far fewer seats than the nationalist parties. 

So something is going on on the nationalist side, something is going on in the Labour Party with its impressive new leader. 

“Something is going on in the Tory party with a more aggressive approach and something is going on in a group of what I call ‘lexit voters’.”

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Political analysts are split on whether Alex Salmond will have a successful campaign come the May 6 elections. 

Politics professor John Curtice explained Mr Salmond was very unpopular but due to the electoral system in Scotland he may find at least himself a seat in Holyrood. 

Mr Salmond revealed in a press conference that if elected he would push for independence negotiations within a week of the polls closing. 

The Alba party leader hopes to increase pro-independence MSPs in Holyrood by only standing in regional list seats – an area the SNP typically do not secure seats in. 

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