SNP leadership hopeful asks Ukrainian women excruciating question

SNP leadership candidate Humza Yousaf asks Ukrainian women ‘where are all the men?’

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SNP Leadership frontrunner, Humza Yousaf, was caught on camera today making an excruciating faux pas in front of a group of Ukrainian women. Mr Yousaf finished posing for photos before asking, “where are all the men?”

According to BBC News’ Scotland Editor James Cook, the women laughed awkwardly before explaining that many of their partners had stayed in Ukraine to fight in the war.

Interviewed shortly afterwards, Mr Yousaf told the BBC that a number of men were elsewhere in the building, and claimed the women with whom he had held the meeting did not seem to have taken offence.

He added, “They of course were rightly saying to me that for many of them their families are not able to make it, not all of their families are able to make it”.

“I don’t think any of the women were at all offended or upset.”

The toe-curling gaffe just minutes after it was revealed the SNP has suffered a massive loss in members.

Figures published this afternoon show membership of the party is down 31,000 in just 14 years.

In 2021 they recorded 103,884 members, today it was said just 72,186 members will be eligible to vote in the leadership race to replace Nicola Sturgeon.

The SNP had spent days refusing to say how many members would be able to vote in the election, despite demands for transparency from all three candidates.

Yesterday, Ash Regan released an open letter backed by her rival Kate Forbes calling on the SNP’s CEO Peter Murrell to hand over the information “as soon as possible” to “ensure a fair and transparent leadership election.”

Kate Forbes’ team said the devastating fall in members “underlines the need for change” within the party.

Yesterday SNP leadership hopeful Kate Forbes demanded the SNP brings in an independent watchdog for the party’s leadership vote amid fears the ballot could be rigged.

Mrs Forbes demanded SNP HQ bring in a “robust, experienced, third-party auditor” is appointed “without delay”.

The Scottish Sun also claimed yesterday that Nicola Sturgeon’s right-hand woman, Liz Lloyd is helping Humza Yousaf’s campaign, amid fears among the senior party hierarchy their preferred candidate could be pipped at the post by Kate Forbes.

Today’s gaffe with the Ukrainian women this morning will have done little to calm nerves.

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