Starmer ally publicly slaps down Diane Abbotts criticism amid bitter feud She is wrong!

Diane Abbott ‘was wrong’ over tweet says Jonathan Reynolds

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The Labour Party risks descending into a civil war after Diane Abbott was rebuked for her criticism of party leader Sir Keir Starmer. The left-wing MP had accused Keir Starmer of hypocrisy after he pledged to make Britain “the best place to work” despite claims that 90 party staff members face redundancy. Labour’s Jonathan Reynolds denied this claim and told Sky News’ Kay Burley that “Diane was wrong with that”.

Ms Abbott tweeted earlier this week: “So Keir will make Britain the best place to work – unless you work for UK Labour.

“He has made 90 staff redundant. But is also recruiting workers on insecure temporary contracts with worse employment conditions #FutureOfWork.”

Responding to this claim, Mr Reynolds today said: “I’m a member of the National Executive Committee, so I can tell you Kay that simply isn’t true.”

Ms Burley followed up: “That quote was from Labour MP Diane Abbott. Was she completely wrong when she tweeted that?”

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Mr Reynolds responded: “I’m afraid Diane was wrong with that. I can explain that to her if she wants to know.”

He then took a swipe at the former Labour frontbencher and said that the party has had to recruit a number of staff to deal with problems neglected under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

The MP said: “The Labour Party has had to recruit a significant number of staff to deal with the disciplinary backlog that this leadership of the party inherited.

“That is different to the other reorganisational work we are doing because we have had a significant drop in money.

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“It’s completely wrong to say that 90 people have been made redact or offered to be reemployed on fewer terms and conditions.”

He blamed the “significant” drop in party cash on Mr Corbyn’s disastrous election in 2019.

However, left-wing members of the party have blamed the financial crisis inside the party on Sir Keir’s failure as a leader.


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Last week, it was reported that the National Executive Committee will consider plans to make 90 redundancies – close to one-third of Labour staff.

This is due to the shrinking party finances, thought to be linked to an exodus of members, trade unions withholding funds, and a lack of big donors.

The GMB and Unite trade unions have criticised a “lack of communication and consultation” over the jobs cuts in an angry letter to the party seen.

The party also faced criticism for hiring an agency on temporary contracts to work on the backlog of internal complaints.

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