Starmers nightmare: Labour leaders three huge headaches –even Tories feel sorry for him

GB News: Breaking down Keir Starmer’s Labour policy essay

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The Holborn and St Pancras MP’s attempts to get on the front foot have been marred by a barrage of negative publicity. In the run-up to the party gathering in Brighton this weekend he has been hit by three major headaches.

He has faced criticism for a 12,000 word essay setting out his vision for Britain, attacks from his own MPs for plans to change Labour’s internal rules, and has watched his deputy leader be praised for her performance in the Commons.

Sir Keir Starmer’s popularity remains damningly low, with just 29 percent of Britons have a favourable view of his leadership, compared to 56 percent who feel the opposite.

The YouGov survey of 1,653 adults from earlier this month lays bare the challenge faced by the Labour leader in winning over public opinion.

Having been constrained by the pandemic for much of his time as leader, Labour conference is seen as an opportunity for Sir Keir to finally present to the party – and the nation – what he stands for.

Hopes of a reboot first hit the rocks on Tuesday when it emerged Sir Keir was planning to use the conference to re-write the rules used to elect a Labour leader.

The proposals would see the one member, one vote system that led to Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader in 2015 scrapped.

Instead, the party would return to the system used before the rules were changed by Ed Miliband in 2014, once again giving MPs and trade unions a greater say on the leadership.

But the plans quickly found themselves in turmoil with a number of MPs accusing Sir Keir of being undemocratic.

The unions too have expressed concern for similar reasons and have so far refused to endorse the changes.

Sir Keir’s week only got worse on Wednesday when Angela Rayner stepped in for him at Prime Minister’s Questions.

With Boris Johnson out of the country, Dominic Raab was forced to stand in for the Prime Minister.

Under parliamentary convention, it meant Sir Keir would also need to be represented by his deputy.

Ms Rayner’s performance was a hit with Labour MPs, with several in Westminster noting backbenchers appeared to be enjoying the encounter far more than whenever Sir Keir is at the dispatch box.

The leader’s dismal week was completed today following the publication of his 11,500-word essay setting out his vision for his party and the country.

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It set out 10 principles that he claims would form the basis of a new contract between Labour and the British people.

But it has been slammed by his critics in the Labour Party for failing to have any substance.

Members accused the leader of not setting out any polices and being too bland in his essay.

Damningly, amid the multitude of attacks facing Sir Keir, even Tory MPs have started to have sympathy with him.

One told “He’s a nice guy, but he hasn’t got it has he?

“There’s no way he’s a future Prime Minister.”

Another Conservative MP said: “I like Keir on a personal level, I really do.

“I feel very sorry for him, he’s got an impossible job when you look at the nutters they have in their party.”

The Labour Party conference begins on Saturday.

Sir Keir Starmer will address delegates in his first in-person speech to members since becoming leader next Wednesday.

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