Sunak clashes with Piers Morgan over nurses pay

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Rishi Sunak insisted that claims nurses in England get a worse deal that those in Scotland and Wales was “not fair”. 

The rebuttal came as he clashed with Piers Morgan in an interview to mark his first 100 days as Prime Minister.

Mr Morgan acccused him of treating “nurses in  England as less than nurses in Scotland and Wales” where they do not need to pay for parking at hospitals.

Mr Morgan had led a campaign to have hospitals parking charges for nurses lifted during the pandemic but they were reinstated after lockdown was over.

The Prime Minister said: “That’s not far….nurses in Scotland pay more tax than those in England.”

Mr Sunak said that the issue of nurses pay “burnt deep” for him because of him growing up in an NHS family with his father a GP and mother a pharmacist.

He pointed out that nurses unlike everyone else int he public sector got a pay rise during the pandemic despite a nationwide pay freeze.

But Mr Morgan said: “That was all wiped out with inflation.”

Mr Morgan kept telling the Prime Minister “to stop chaaning the subject” as the Prime Minister tried to wriggle out of a commitment to scrap parking charges for nurses.

“Lots of people go to work in different ways,” he said.

“Nurses save lives though,” Mr Morgan retorted.

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